The Bloomington Academy is the first British curriculum institution in the Emirate of Ajman. The school, with a rapidly increasing student strength representing 55 different nationalities, has grown over the years into an edifice of modern, contemporary learning. The school is affiliated to the CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Education – of the University of Cambridge, U.K), and therefore follows the prestigious Cambridge Curriculum.


The student is at the heart of all processes in the school, and all school operations are aimed at helping them grow into confident individuals whose innate talent and ability has been identified and strengthened during their precious learning years.

One of the strongest features of the institution that has helped it gain acceptance and acclaim in society is the international standards of education that the school offers at an extremely competitive price. Facilities and resources available are worthy of an international institution and support a holistic and comprehensive education that emphasizes upon not only the acquisition of knowledge but also skill development and problem solving, such that students are able to utilize their learning in the real world through reflection and understanding.


The school, established in 2014, has since grown in size and strength and has rapidly acquired the loyalty and satisfaction of its parent community, many of whom have been with us since the first year of operations.

The school caters to the diverse learning needs of its students through a consciously developed safe and secure environment that rests on inclusion and tolerance, and one that fosters care, compassion, respect and reform.





"No Child is Left Behind” is our ethos and differences in abilities, individual needs and cultural, geographical, religious differences do not deter us from pursuing it. TBAC is the first of its kind where pupils will LEARN, SHARE, GROW


We are committed to providing an environment that is conducive to collaborative & experiential learning. Our pedagogy will be supported by the latest technology and digital learning. Sports and extracurricular activities will be emphasized upon with facilities for Soccer, a mini Golf Course, Table Tennis, Basketball, Athletics, Swimming, Gymnasium, Lawn Tennis and Horse Riding. The pupils will be exposed to art, theater, music, painting and literature for their Aesthetic Development. The Academy will be one of its kind having cutting-edge facilities and state-of-the-art infrastructure.



Mr. Lanson Lazar

"We have understood the need for a British Curriculum in the Northern Emirates and are proud to launch The Bloomington Academy in September 2014.Learn. Share. Grow is the ethos that encompasses the life of The Bloomington Academy student."


The education environment in Ajman has experienced a dramatic change over the past few years. A number of new schools have started, giving the parents and students plenty of opportunities and choices. Earlier, one did not have a choice and needed to go to other emirates for schooling, resulting in stressful travelling for parents as well as students.


It is because of the foresight and vision of the leaders and their support to school operators that schools in Ajman are now more easily accessible.


We have understood the need for a British Curriculum in the Emirate and are proud to launch The Bloomington Academy in September 2014.


Learn. Share. Grow is the ethos that encompasses the life of The Bloomington Academy student.


"We firmly believe in the policy of ‘No Student Left Behind‘ With that in mind, we conceptualized the idea of a British Curriculum School in Ajman which would give access to quality education to all learners" With that in mind, we conceptualized the idea of a British Curriculum School in Ajman which would give access to quality education to all learners.


It is our constant endeavour to provide a platform for holistic development to the future global citizens. It is with the utmost care that we nurture and nourish each and every individual who steps into the campus, so that a new generation of leaders with moral fortitude will be brought forth. At Bloomington we aim to help each learner grow into a self-disciplined and socially responsible individual who is capable of absorbing true light and wisdom.


 I welcome each one of you to The Bloomington Academy family and wish you a successful and fruitful education journey with us.

Ms. Sandra Blaskovic



THE QUICK BROWN FOX JUMPS OVER THE LAZY DOG – is the English language pangram that is widely used in kindergarten. After spending approximately 20 years in schools, I often wonder if it would ever be possible to come up with a similar one-liner, or even an entire book that quite so succinctly covers all aspects and dimensions of education. And yet, that is exactly what institutions set out to do.


We set out to “EDUCATE”– that is – to create systems that produce individuals who are empowered with the knowledge, experience, skills and attitudes in order that they may contribute to the building of a world that is morally aware, socially just, economically liberated and scientifically progressive.


Add to it, that modern day institutions are dealing with students who can access answers on questions ranging from “how to make cup cake?” to “how to learn coding?” in minutes. The word “teaching” has therefore undergone substantial modification in its role – there is precious little to teach anymore, but significantly enough to learn. And, it does not end there. Viewed against the backdrop of the profile and skill set of today’s children, contextualizing learning in a non-restrictive environment – well beyond the physical spaces of a classroom or around the physical presence of a teacher – has become a major success criteria for quality institutions. Learning, to remain relevant, must transcend well beyond academic content and focus on real-world requirements of work-space skills, promote critical thinking, and provoke problem-solving.


Next, there is overwhelming evidence to suggest that environment plays an important role in signaling to children that they can succeed. So, we primarily want to build institutions that students feel safe in, are happy to come to daily, proudly identify with, and in which they work without fear of failure or rejection; towards the achievement of their individual intellectual, vocational and philosophical pursuits.


THE BLOOMINGTON ACADEMY (TBAC) is an institution that is passionately pursuing an education model that firmly rests on these principles. Protection and care for the physical, mental and moral well being of your child reigns supreme and runs like a common thread weaving together all school activities and programmes into one beautiful tapestry – the TBAC Experience. I take this opportunity to invite you to TBAC and meet our staff and students as they work together to trace indelible prints of happiness and learning in young minds within and beyond our campus.


Ms. Saraswathy Rajasekaran


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• Community • Harmony

• Collaboration • Acceptance

• Inclusiveness• Unity

• Co-operation• Compassion

• Global Citizenship • Team Work

Learning for Leading

• Initiative • Innovation • Commitment

• Responsibility • Conviction

• Achievement• Stewardship

• Co-operation


• Hope • Empathy

• Equity • Selflessness

• Service • Generosity

• Volunteering • Share

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