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Performing Arts


At ‘The Bloomington Academy’, Performing Arts provides multiple paths for students interested to pursue their passion. Each child’s unique artistic potential is celebrated and we believe creative thinking is an essential skill for success in life. A wide range of extra-curricular activities are offered to all students at The Bloomington Academy. Within school, students participate in Sports Days, Charity Events, Subject based weeks of activities, Visiting Speakers, Plays, Pageants, Debating Competitions, Spelling Bees, Elocution Competitions, Poetry and Story Recitation Competitions, World Maths Day, Science Week , Literacy Day ,  Assemblies, Book Sales, Field Trips and overseas trips.

All of these activities contribute to making our students lifelong learners and develop their academic, sporting and social skills making them all-round World Citizens. Our dedicated arts faculty members are experienced educators and accomplished artists in their own right. Students engage in their chosen field while making the time commitment that is right for them. Public performances and displays allow students to showcase their skills and develop confidence. Students fully commit themselves to the performing arts by attending classes and demonstration with their classmates. Our goal for each student is to develop the foundation for a positive, lifelong appreciation and relationship with the Performing Arts.



"Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents." -- Ludwig van Beethoven

Music is an integral part of the curriculum, where our students have the opportunity to pursue instrumental and vocal music. The goal of The School Music Department is to provide opportunities for the self-expression of this creativity, and encourage the understanding of how music contributes to the richness of our society and world cultures. Students are guided and encouraged as they develop a lifelong joy and appreciation for music in its various forms by taking part in various competitions and programmes provided by the school. TBAC’s Music faculty includes dedicated professionals, who focus on strings, band, and choir at the different school levels. The School believes in bringing out the creative best in its pupils. Well-equipped Music Rooms promote encouragement and support for talented young artists and musicians in every age - group, while encouraging everyone to develop these skills.

Visual art in the middle school encourages sensitivity to imagery and hence students develop an aesthetic response as they examine and explore the role of art in society and on a global scale. The curriculum stresses the processes of both creating and responding to art. Students have the opportunities to engage in a wide range of visual arts and design options, including: Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Stained Glass, and Art. Student artists display work during various competitions and gallery exhibitions which has left the guests and audience spell bound.

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