Sustainability Goals

The UAE primarily focuses on the SDGs that enable access to clean energy, sufficient food at reasonable prices, quality education & healthcare, alongside creating sustainable economic growth, healthy environmental systems, and increased resource efficiency. We are but a small entity in the country, nonetheless, we are an integral part of the whole community, with strong feelings and support for the country’s goals for the benefit of mankind. We in our own simple ways contribute towards aiding the country on its path to achieving their goals. With this aim at heart, we have integrated special awareness programs, projects and activities which are conducted throughout the school year.

5Rs (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose)

We give it our best shot in incorporating the 5R theory practically into everyday school life. Everyone at school is motivated to take it up, as proactive and responsible ‘Earthlings’. In line with the 5R theory, the first 4 actions (refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose) are taken up prior to recycling. Incorporating this methodology, it has been found that waste accumulation is minimized, taking our recycling program to the next level, which is the most environment friendly waste disposal method. We look forward to your support on this, as individually we can do, but together we can achieve, for the future belongs to the children of today.


As has been rightfully projected, the Expo City is going to be transformed into a model ‘Global Community of the Future’. It will carry on and fulfil Expo’s founding vision to be an ecosystem to connect, create and innovate. At the Expo, the connections we all experienced, the innovations, ideas, cultures, and traditions of the participating countries have given us an insight into being a part of building a better tomorrow for all humanity. As a school with a student population comprising of over 70 different nationalities, it is our aim to contribute to this founding vision, in our own scholarly ways.

UAE Culture

Being in the UAE, which is ‘Our Home Away from Home’, it is only befitting to be aware of the UAE Culture, as a mark of respect to the people of the country. The UAE culture is embedded and infused into our school life, wherever applicable and appropriate. What is special to UAE is also celebrated at school, in its true spirit.

Community Service

We as a school understand the importance of establishing a good and harmonious relation with the community, we are placed in. This relation exists at 2 levels, as a formal one as well as an informal and voluntary one. The former is expressed by the representation of the community through the School Management Committee or The Parent Council. The latter takes the form of voluntary participation, where the community members get involved through special activities or events. Rendering community service in appropriate ways, is one of our deeming aspects.