The Bloomington Academy


  • Creating an Inclusive Learning Community of Open Minds, Happy Hearts, Sharp Intellect and Sound Character.


  • Lead children on a journey of independent learning by providing an environment that supports inquiry and research

  • Equip students with the skills and abilities required to thrive in a technology driven, globalized world

  • Accept differently abled children in order that the school community is an inclusive, cohesive unit

  • Reinforce ethics, values and morals at school so children assume their part early in life in the universal responsibility of caringfor the less fortunate or privileged

  • Nurture happiness in minds in an environment that promotes diversity and tolerance, in keeping with the rich cultural values and traditions of the U.A.E


The Bloomington Academy
The Bloomington Academy

Our Values

  • Growing – Hope-Empathy-Equity-Selflessness-Service-Volunteering-Generosity-Share
  • Togetherness – Community-Harmony-Collaboration-Acceptance-Inclusiveness-Unity-Cooperation-Compassion-Clobal Citizenship-Teamwork
  • Sense of Honor – Self-worth-Courage-Traditions-Self-respect-Morals-Integrity-Customs-Devotion-Values-Attitude & Behavior
  • Learning for Leading – Initiative-Innovation-Commitment-Responsibility-Conviction-Achievement-Stewardship-Cooperation-Social Reform

Our Environment

We have carved a conducive school environment that aids in the holistic development of students rather than simply pushing them to achieve academic excellence. An ideal school environment which embraces the idea that ALL students can learn. We have safe learning spaces for students where they feel respected and connected with the staff and are engaged in active learning. We foster a strong positive impact on students’ attitude, personality, self-motivation, instilling empathy, integrity, compassion, and leadership values.

The Bloomington Academy