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Alumni Voices


Alumni Voices (Memorable School Experiences)

‘Alma-mater Links, Unforgettable Memories Nurtured Incessantly.’ Alumni, an integral part of the school. The link with one’s Alma Mater is the maternal connection one has with his or her ‘Second Home’. The alumni perspective formed by the values that their alma mater taught them is key to retaining the strength of the school’s culture. All said and done, school experiences are always memorable ones, no matter how long it has been since one has passed out. Here, we have our alumni voicing their memorable experiences of their school days. Our TBAC Pass-outs! Wherever they are, they stay connected to their Alma-mater. A bond which has been caringly and unforgettably knit together creating a memorable path down memory lane, those truly unforgettable school campus days! Our school is a brand of its own and the alumni are our brand ambassadors. When our students pass out, they leave an impression about their studies and values that are crafted during their academic life at school. As the school continues to provide good education, alumni voices are invaluable about the direction in which our school is headed.

Bloomington Academy