Ms. Saraswathy Rajasekaran

THE QUICK BROWN FOX JUMPS OVER THE LAZY DOG – is the English language pangram that is widely used in kindergarten. After spending approximately 20 years in schools, I often wonder if it would ever be possible to come up with a similar one-liner, or even an entire book that quite so succinctly covers all aspects and dimensions of education. And yet, that is exactly what institutions set out to do.

We set out to “EDUCATE”– that is – to create systems that produce individuals who are empowered with the knowledge, experience, skills and attitudes in order that they may contribute to the building of a world that is morally aware, socially just, economically liberated and scientifically progressive.

Add to it, that modern day institutions are dealing with students who can access answers on questions ranging from “how to make cup cake?” to “how to learn coding?” in minutes. The word “teaching” has therefore undergone substantial modification in its role – there is precious little to teach anymore, but significantly enough to learn. And, it does not end there. Viewed against the backdrop of the profile and skill set of today’s children, contextualizing learning in a non-restrictive environment – well beyond the physical spaces of a classroom or around the physical presence of a teacher – has become a major success criteria for quality institutions. Learning, to remain relevant, must transcend well beyond academic content and focus on real-world requirements of work-space skills, promote critical thinking, and provoke problem-solving.

Next, there is overwhelming evidence to suggest that environment plays an important role in signaling to children that they can succeed. So, we primarily want to build institutions that students feel safe in, are happy to come to daily, proudly identify with, and in which they work without fear of failure or rejection; towards the achievement of their individual intellectual, vocational and philosophical pursuits.

THE BLOOMINGTON ACADEMY (TBAC) is an institution that is passionately pursuing an education model that firmly rests on these principles. Protection and care for the physical, mental and moral well being of your child reigns supreme and runs like a common thread weaving together all school activities and programmes into one beautiful tapestry – the TBAC Experience. I take this opportunity to invite you to TBAC and meet our staff and students as they work together to trace indelible prints of happiness and learning in young minds within and beyond our campus.

Ms. Saraswathy Rajasekaran