The Bloomington Academy

Mr. Abdul Hameed

“A flower must bloom inside first before revealing it’s beauty to the world.”

         The first step in knowledge is to listen, then to be quiet and attentive, then to preserve it, then to put it in to practice and then to spread it.

 We have established a strong reputation as a friendly and caring environment with a commitment to quality. 

Academic results are high and, in addition to ensuring educational excellence and outstanding achievement, our aim is to develop the abilities, traits and life-skills that will help our students persevere with setbacks and positively contribute to the wider community.

The Bloomington Academy is the proud possessor of 54 nationalities which is considered as one of the strongest points, as our dwelling country, the second home, UAE, also gives importance to TOLERANCE among the races and communities. So, we embrace a commitment to internationalism and wider cultural range by recognizing what we have in common and exploring what is different; to promote tolerance, morality and a deeper understanding of the world around us. 

Bloomington Academy is where we want people to feel that their presence is valued and look forward to coming to school every day. We ensure that the students experience learning as an exciting and amazing adventure.

With a kindhearted gesture, I welcome you to come along and join us in the adventurous journey of learning to obtain a unique feeling of attaining skills and overall development.