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The staff students and parents of the Bloomington academy proudly participated in the Dubai cares 2019. The walk is organized annually by Dubai Cares to raise awareness on the struggle that many children the world over face in gaining access to a quality education....

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The Kindergarten Sports day 2019

The Kindergarten Sports day was held on Monday, Feb'19 in the sports park. The day witnessed colourful performances in Aerobics and drill displays. The children participated in a wide range of sports events, cheered on their teammates and learnt valuable lessons in...

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47 UAE National Day Celebrations

A day spent saluting the leadership and singing the glories of this outstanding nation. But more importantly, a day marked by following in spirit the principles of this country and the values of its leadership- sharing and caring. A special food donation drive...

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U.A.E Flag Day 2018

We have all heard, read about and perhaps even experienced the great emphasis that this nation places on charity, care for the under-privileged and less fortunate, and the development of communities. Considering that 2018 is being marked as the Year of Zayed, who is...

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